07 March 2013

BB's Blog 2013


Jan 2013: 

Jan 7th. 
Birmingham at the Hilton met hotel.
Rehearsing for a NEXT fashion show.
Both modelling and dancing alongside other beauties and talented dancers.
Had a scene with a basketball hidden in our backpacks, I of course had mine fall out of it way before the balls were due to be used. FUN! very embarrassing! 

Few gigs with Alexandra Burke all over the UK, have known and worked for her for years, I count her as one of my close friends. What a diamond of a human being she is.

Dancers inc masterclass- taught with Domz.

I have teaching sometimes at Urdang open class. Great crowd, loads of people great talent.

Taught in Poland. Krakow. Had a blast, great Beer ;)

Dancers inc press day 31st Jan. Scary fun, talked to a lot of members of press, really surprised at their dancing abilities. Loved the performance. Awesome times. Love the banter. 

Feb 2013: 

Feb 4th 
Went out for my good friend Kimberly Wyatt's bday with Dominique. Had a lovely dinner, went to Mahiki and had good times.

Feb 7th
Alex Burke gig- All set to go on stage Alex is in the position to start her live set when they face tech diffis. Handled like a pro and all went smoothly after. She did stay on stage for the whole song not being able to sing and having people laugh and take pictures. SHE IS A STAR. handled brilliantly. The good thing was it was all a backing track so they knew she was not miming like SOME!!! hahahaha

Feb 20th
Robbie Williams Brit awards, great times, broke my back carrying that bloody tuba hahahahaha. Loved the gig though, Robbie is a legend! What a nice guy. 

Then later that night performed at the Brits After party. All I can remember was being tired, sick, in pain and hungry.
Not my best gig.
Left soon as after as I had rehearsals in Shepperton at 9am for Kim Wyatt for Got to dance.

Feb 24th
Kim wyatt- got to dance. Brilliant rehearsals. Brilliant core of dancers, Dom again was in the mix. 
Rehearsed for 2 days. performed on sunday. Really enjoyed the whole live tv thing. 

Went to bed after a heavy week of dancing and rehearsals and I woke up to a dislocated knee on the Monday morning of the 25th feb. Had to stay in bed and wait for it to go back in for 2 days, my life sucked at this point!
It all went back in okay but I then had an important casting for Urban Outfitters, I had to hobble there on my krutches, good thing i got there so early I was first inline.. Bad thing was they wanted someone who could roller blade, I did not give them any confidence coming in on krutches hahahahah. 
Sad thing is, that I have been rollerblading and ice skating since I was about 10 years old. Still waiting on that call lololololol

Feb 28th 
Shoot for FIgleaves.co.uk Storm job, all underwear, had a blast, team of ladies are lovely and treat me so well. Check out some of the internet pics on the web ;) No perving hahaha kidding.
Knee is feeling better today.

March 2013: 

March 1st
Re launched my Today's look on my instagram @justbbkaye to throw some weird crazy fashion at the peeeeps out there.
Was on my own so I had to get 2 girls to take it for me.. can get pic on my instagram, actually most pics of all these jobs are on my instagram so feel free to take a look and please include my instagram name @justbbkaye and my twitter name @justbbkaye. 

Also today I went for a casting where I had to dance in a salsa slash african infused style WITH a girl who I have never met for a good 2 bloody minutes! I MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAN awwwwwwks times Zimbabwe or what! we danced for like 2 minutes too. I was sweating all over this poor nubian princess!!!

hahahahha I hope you guys are laughing with this lol.

Tonight another gig for Alexandra Burke. Should be major fun.

Sent to you with BB love from a hideously wee wee slash burnt bread smelling Starbucks

MWAH!!! xxxx