10 April 2013

Aaron's Blog!

Hey guys it's AARON!

It's my turn to tell you what i've been up to recently.

Well my 1st job back to work this year was a Ted Baker fashion show, it was for this years Autumn/Winter shoe collection. I'd never seen so many shoes in my life. During the show we had to do so many speedy quick changes in the end it was a case of just cramming your feet into the shoes and going on the catwalk pretending you have never been more comfortable haha

Next up was the mother of all missions.....MOVING HOUSE!!!
You just don't realise how much junk you own until its time to pack your life up and move it somewhere else. I can honestly say it was the most stressful thing, i'm like Monica from FRIENDS when it comes to tasks like this and when things weren't on time or breaking or lost i was ready to lose it. haha
But its totally worth it in the end when you have put everything in its place and you can start shopping for things, this is when i think i'm a interior designer.

As some of you may know i used to be in a band when i was younger - S Club Juniors/ S Club 8 - and recently a few of us were approached to do some gigs at clubs and uni's for old school pop nights. At first we weren't sure how it would work out but we got together had a lil sing song and re choreographed some stuff and we had a little show. Best part was just being back in the company of the other band members and just having fun and reliving our youths.
So the other month we had a gig at Colchester Uni, it was packed! We had so much fun as this was our biggest crowd yet. Everyone loved the cheese! haha

I have to let you know i went to see one of my new fave singers - Tori Kelly. She did a small gig here in London and it was one of the best i had ever seen. Being involved with dance i normally prefer shows with some movement and stage production but this was just her and her guitar, i was just mesmerised by her talent. I advise you all to go youtube her - she is going to be BIIIIIIG!

Another gig i went to was the Big Reunion show at the Hammersmith Apollo. Now being in a pop band from back in the day a lot of the acts performing were around at the same time as us like Liberty X, Atomic Kitten & Blue. I am a MASSIVE pop fan so i was in my element. Tune after tune after tune - i was reliving my childhood. Can't wait to go and watch the tour - GEEK! lol

Theres been quite a few Dinc wear PA's too which i'm sure you have all heard about, seen all the photo's and watched all the video's....... if you haven't, go watch immediately - you can come back to me later haha
We had the launch of the new range which was really exciting - The Mrs Jones Collection. The new clothes are great - really unique style which you can dress up or down and just all round awsomeness. :P
Next up we had the Brit Awards after party which was really exciting. We were opening the show with a brand new routine choreographed especially for the party. It was a great night, fun showing off the new range to everyone and having our photos taking plus the new routine looked wicked.
Also this month we had Move It which is probably the UK's biggest dance convention. We had a full day of interviews, performances and Meet & Greets. The place was filled with dancers and there was a real big buzz around Dinc Wear. Lots of purchases being made at the stall and more awareness of the brand. It really was a fun day for us all :) 

In between jobs i teach at Laine Theatre Arts which is a musical theatre college in Epsom, Surrey. I went there myself, i graduated in 2008 so it weird being back there so soon and teaching but i love working with the students and coaching them towards their goals. Recently i held an audition at the college for their Summer Show where i'll be choreographing a number. It was a very successful audition, lots of talent and lots of improvements from the students which i was really pleased with. Now i just have to choose my cast....ooooooooooohh

Now my most recent work has been with The Saturdays. They have been in america filming their reality show, recording their album and promoting their new single 'What About Us'. Now they're back in the UK they had lots of TV promo to do ahead of the single's final chart position. I choreographed a new routine for them as they wanted to now use mic stands, also with Rochelle being heavily pregnant she needed a slightly easy routine bless her. The girls are great to work with, very focused and professional and we have so much fun. First off was Daybreak on a monday morning, my alarm was set for 4am - OUCH. Then we did Lose Women and Alan Carr throughout the week. Now Alan Carr was special because i got to work with Sean Paul who features on the track. During camera rehearsals i was his stand in because he was running late - then he rocked up half way through the run through so saw me being him - i was SOOOOOO embarrassed. He's a great guy though and nice and down to earth. To finish off the week of promo was a performance at GAY which the girls love doing because the crowd is always amazing. Then came Sunday when the girls finally got their 1st Number 1 single - i was so happy for them, it was such a special week to have been working with them.

Me, Mollie & her Mum celebrating their Number 1.

Well thats the end of me rambling on - hope you enjoyed.

We have lots more exciting stuff coming your way.

Thank you for all the love and support.

Love Aaron